Embroidery Information

ASA Stuff uses state-of-the-art Baradun embroidery machines.  Our machines can embroider logos with as many as 15 colors at speeds up to 1,200 stitches per minute. 

Our normal turnaround for embroidery jobs averages 6-10 working days.  However, turnaround timing can shorten or lengthen depending on our current production schedule at the time you place your order.  Rush service is available at a premium price. 

Embroidery pricing is based on four variables:

1) The cost of the garment being embroidered.

2) The number of garments in the production run.

3) The stitch count of the logo.

4) The number of embroidery locations.

All embroidery is given a price per thousand stitches based on the quantity in the production run. 

All new logos must go through a setup process called digitizing or "tape charges" to be embroidered.  This process involves an embroidery graphic artist converting the electronic logo file to a stitch file - essentially telling the embroidery machine how it will embroider the logo.  Digitizing pricing is quoted on a per logo basis.  Prices generally range between $50-$100 (one-time fee), but can be lower or higher based on the size and complexity of the logo.

If you do not have a specific logo to embroider, pre-digitized designs and text can be purchased as an option.

If you have any questions related to the embroidery process, please email us at halfpricetees@gmail.com or call  970-259-5601 and we will be glad to assist you.